Thursday, April 17, 2008

English -Visayan Translation

Who - Kinsa
What - Unsa
When - Kanus-a
Where - Asa
How - Giunsa

Sunday, April 13, 2008

English to Visayan Greetings Translated

Here are the common Visayan /Cebuano greetings. I wrote it as English-Visayan words translation, plus, I separated the Visayan words in syllables so you will know how to read them.

Common Greetings English - Visayan Translation

Good morning - Maayong buntag [ Ma- a -yong bun-tag]
Good afternoon - Maayong hapon [ Ma - a- yong Ha-pon]
Good evening - Maayong gabii [ Ma - a-yong ga-bi-i]
Good day - Maayong adlaw [ Ma- a- yong ad-law]

In Visayan dialect : Do not use the word "maayong" alone because it cannot stand alone. In Visayan dialect, Maayo means good. Remember, the english word good means maayo, not maayong. Buntag means morning. Hapon means Afternoon. Gabii (read as ga-be-e) means evening and adlaw means day.

Thank you very much - Daghang salamat [Dag-hang sa-la-mat]
or Daghan Kaayong salamat [dag-han- ka-a-yong sa-la-mat]

Thank You / Thanks - Salamat [sa-la-mat]

You’re welcome - Walay sapayan [wa-lay sa-pa-yan]

How are you? - Kumusta [ ku- mus- ta]

Note: The English greetings hello , hi, goodbye or simple bye, are speak the same in the Visayan dialect.